The UK is set to receive almost 60 million unwanted presents this Christmas

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by Send a Cow has revealed that over half (57%) of UK adults receive at least one unwanted gift on average at Christmas. Instead of resorting to festive bath bombs or socks, why not purchase life-changing virtual gifts?

Every gift you buy will help families in Africa work their way out of poverty. And your loved one will receive a Christmas pack telling them all about the gift you’ve made in their name. Choose an e-card and you can show them the incredible impact of their gift with absolutely no waste!


Chickens provide up to 200 eggs a year – a vital source of protein and income
Ideal for those families who can’t manage bigger livestock
A home full of honey makes a field full of crops
Garden Gadgets
Garden Gadgets
The right tools make farmers efficient in their work
Feed a Child
Feed a Child
Help a mother provide healthy, nutritious meals to her children
A promising future for a family
Vet Kit
Vet Kit
Training farmers to care for their animals
Fruit trees provide fruit, shade, shelter and income

How it makes an impact

Janet from Uganda with her cow

Everything is important with this cow - manure, urine, milk. We are so encouraged by having a cow!
Janet Gafa, Uganda
Step 1
We provide seeds, tools & education
Step 2
The seeds & tools help crops to grow
Step 3
Education helps improve the yield
Step 4
The crops, seeds & knowledge are shared

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