Traditional cooking fires can produce lots of smoke which is harmful to health, particularly for the person doing the cooking. A fuel saving Super Stove directs smoke away from the cooking area, meaning families can gather together safely in their homes.

These stoves also use two-thirds less fuel than traditional stoves, which prevents deforestation and frees up the time usually spent collecting wood.

When you buy a gift from Send a Cow you're making a donation to help African farmers become self-reliant. Your gift is spent on our livestock and training programmes, across all the countries we work in.

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I’ve seen Send a Cow’s work in action in Africa and know the difference these gifts make. Why don’t you and your family get a Send a Cow gift this Christmas and help change a life in Africa?

Did you know?

There is a noticeable difference in the amount of trees still growing around Send a Cow families’ houses compared to communities without fuel saving stoves.

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