Divine chocolate is made with the finest quality Fairtrade cocoa beans from Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of smallholder farmers in Ghana. The cocoa is grown, fermented and dried in the sun by committed farmers, who take great pride in the chocolate company they co-own.

This 40g bar will make the eyes of your loved ones light up. You can rest easy, knowing it's come from an ethical source which supports farmers in their hard work.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, cream powder, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin (non GM), vanilla.

Every week we put some of our pocket money into our special piggy bank. When we have lots of pennies we can buy something for someone else in Africa. Last Christmas we bought some animals.
Luke and Aaron

Did you know?

'Kuapa Kokoo' means good cocoa growers. The co-operative's mission is to create dignified livelihoods, empowered women and environmentally friendly cultivated cocoa.

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