Goats are usually given to families in pairs, with the female goat already pregnant. The birth of a kid is a time of great excitement.

Females provide milk for the family to drink and surplus to sell in their community. Both males and females give excellent manure to help families with their veg production. Families often breed goats to generate more income, or keep some on their farm as a ‘savings scheme’.

Kids are given to farmers in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

When you buy a gift from Send a Cow you're making a donation to help African farmers become self-reliant. Your gift is spent on our livestock and training programmes, across all the countries we work in.

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We love animals! We bought 12 goats for children in Africa – we got donations to Send a Cow instead of presents.
Jack and Olly

Did you know?

Send a cow farmers give their first female livestock to another needy farmer in their community.

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