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When you buy our virtual gifts you’re making a donation to our work, helping people in Africa lift themselves out of poverty. Your gift will be used wherever the need is greatest.


Choose a super gift to send to a family in need!

Rainwater Harvesting
Sponsor a Community
Chicken & Cockerel
A Radio
Cookery Class
Hardback Notepad
Shopping Pad
Tea Towel
China Mug

Just some of the great gifts, ideal for:

all your special occasions

Another pair of socks, or a super goat??


We send you or your friend a gift pack or e-card...

Gift Pack

Gift pack

Have the gift packs posted to you, so you can give them to your friend or loved one; or have the gift packs sent directly to them.



Send an e-card directly to the recipient (they receive no physical cards in the post).

...and your gift helps families in Africa.

(don't worry about wrapping the cow!)

Play Video

Play Video

I do everything,

except wash the dishes...


Your donation provides
a future
for families and whole communities.

We LOVE the next bit!


Families pass on the knowledge and your donation creates a sustainable future for generations to come.

Families pass on the knowledge and your donation helps future generations creating a sustainable future.

See the impact of different gifts!

Step 1
We provide a dairy cow and training
Step 2
The cow produces milk and manure
Step 3

The cow gives birth to calf

Step 4
The calf is given to another family
Step 1
We provide seeds, tools & education
Step 2
The seeds & tools help crops to grow
Step 3
Education helps improve the yield
Step 4
The crops, seeds & knowledge are shared
Step 1
We provide tools, education & materials
Step 2
People learn how to build structures
Step 3
The structures benefit people & animals
Step 4
People prosper & knowledge is passed on
Step 1
We provide various training workshops
Step 2
People learn practical skills
Step 3
Communities develop & prosper
Step 4
The knowledge learnt is passed on

Pretty good hey?
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