Often impoverished families are not even aware of the simplest hygiene measures. Our household gifts and training ensure that families have cleaner homes and a nicer environment to live in.

In turn, this leads to a fall in illnesses, which means they are able to give more time to tending their animals and veg plots.

See how it makes an impact


Tip Tap
Tip Tap
An ingenious African hand washer that helps improve hygiene.
Clean Latrine
Clean Latrine
Good hygiene and sanitation is key to improving a family’s health and prospects.
Solar Lantern
Solar Lantern
Bringing families out of the darkness.
Super Stove
Super Stove
A fuel saving super stove makes homes safer and protects the environment too.

How it makes an impact

Claudette from Burundi using her tip-tap

I noticed how little firewood we use now we have built the new stoves. We also made things cleaner, we use a tip-tap and it's helped us have less tummy up-sets
Claudette Niyomwungere
Step 1
We provide tools, education & materials
Step 2
People learn how to build structures
Step 3
The structures benefit people & animals
Step 4
People prosper & knowledge is passed on