When a family learns how to grow their own nutritious food they start their journey out of hunger and poverty.

With a Send a Cow growing gift, not only do families start to eat better, they can sell the surplus to generate an income.


Garden Gadgets
Garden Gadgets
The right tools make farmers efficient in their work
Fruit trees provide fruit, shade, shelter and income
Vegetable Seeds
Vegetable Seeds
A daily dose of health for the community!
Keyhole Garden
Keyhole Garden
A garden to nurture the soil and the family
Helping communities flourish together

How it makes an impact

Before Send a Cow we had to buy kale and it was so expensive. Now we can plant and grow it ourselves with our compost.
Nelson Wanyama, Kenya
Step 1
We provide seeds, tools & education
Step 2
The seeds & tools help crops to grow
Step 3
Education helps improve the yield
Step 4
The crops, seeds & knowledge are shared