This gift supports a family from the start of their journey to their 'graduation day'. Send a Cow does not believe in quick fixes but commits to working with farmers for between three and five years until they are genuinely self-sufficient. This gift provides everything a family needs and may include livestock such as cows, goats, chickens or rabbits; seeds and saplings such as carrots, aubergines, cabbages, apple, plum and peach trees; tools like rakes and hoes, and of course the necessary training and continued practical support to make everything work.

When you buy a gift from Send a Cow you're making a donation to help African farmers become self-reliant. Your gift is spent on our livestock and training programmes, across all the countries we work in.

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Every week we put some of our pocket money into our special piggy bank. When we have lots of pennies we can buy something for someone else in Africa. Last Christmas we bought some animals.

Luke & Aaron

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Send a Cow works in an integrated way to ensure the effects of training and gifts are long-lasting. Families are given the hope as well as the means to create a better future.

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