Does my money really go on the gift I have chosen?

All the gifts on this site can be found in our projects in Africa. When you buy a gift from this site you’re making a donation to Send a Cow’s work in helping poor African farmers become self-reliant.

Your donations are spent on our livestock and training programmes, across all the countries we work in. We work with communities to give livestock and training according to their needs. For example, if a community is best suited to cows, they will get cows. If they can better manage chickens, they will get chickens. This means that your donation will be used wherever the need is greatest, and on the appropriate livestock and training for each community we work with. You can be confident that your donation is being used in the best way possible to get families out of poverty, for good.


Can I find out more or visit the family who will get a gift paid for by my donation?

Unfortunately not. If we were to match donations to gifts it would significantly increase our administration costs. This would mean less of your donation would go to the families you want to help.
However, Send a Cow does keep in contact with all the families you’re supporting, through our African offices, and all the families we work with get regular visits from extension workers and other staff.
This means that we are able to send you news about the families that have benefited from your kindness. To hear even more news from Send a Cow you could sign up to our email newsletter.
Another way to learn more about the impact of your donations is to consider becoming a Family Friend supporter. By giving at least £10 a month, you will be able to share a journey out of poverty with a family in urgent need. We’ll keep you updated on the amazing effect that regular giving has on this family by sending you regular updates on how they are progressing – both the highs and the lows. Find out more here


How much do you spend on administration costs? What percentage of my donation goes to recipients?

Proceeds from these gifts, less the cost of producing the catalogue, are spent on our livestock and training programmes in Africa.
You can find out more about how we spend your money in our annual report. 


Who is eligible for Gift Aid?

For a donation to qualify for Gift Aid, you must be a UK taxpayer. You must pay enough income or capital gains tax in a year to at least equal the amount of tax that all the charities and CASCS you give to will reclaim on your gifts for the current tax year. . A tax year runs from 6 April to the following 5 April. It is your responsibility to pay any difference if the Gift Aid claimed on your donations is more than the tax you paid.


Which donations are NOT eligible for Gift Aid?

The physical gifts we are selling in 2017 are not eligible for Gift Aid, because when you purchase these you are buying a product rather than making a donation. However, you can still sign up to Gift Aid whatever you buy. So if you make a donation or buy gifts in the future we'll be able to reclaim the tax - making your generous support go even further. This year's physical gifts are: shopping bag, tea towel, milk chocolate, gardeners' hand balm, Send a Cow calendar 2018, Christmas cards, gift wrap.

For all our virtual gifts, HMRC does not allow us to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation if you told us that the donation was on behalf of someone else or a group of people. You can only make a Gift Aid declaration on your own donation, that is, one you have made yourself. You cannot make a Gift Aid declaration on behalf of someone else, even if you are rwlated to them and they are a UK taxpayer

It is possible to maximise Gift Aid for groups by asking each person who wishes to make a donation to complete their own Gift Aid declaration for the amount they have given. We can supply collection envelopes that make provision for this. 

Can I cancel my Gift Aid Declaration?

If you wish, you can cancel your declaration at any time. The cancellation will take effect from the time we receive your letter. 


What happens if I am no longer eligible to give Gift Aid, or my status changes?

Please notify us in writing if you change your name or home address or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains to be eligible for Gift Aid.