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  • Unique gift ideas that transform lives this Easter

    In the age-old debate of “What came first; the chicken or the egg?” for our farmers in rural Africa, it’s most certainly the chicken!

    And by giving a chicken or another life-changing gift this Easter, you’ll be helping to transform the lives of families in rural Africa for the better.

    If you’re looking to give a gift that makes a long-lasting difference this Easter, our gift shop is the perfect place to start. When you buy a gift from Send a Cow, you’re making a donation to help African farmers become self-reliant. From a chicken to vegetables seeds and garden gadgets, whatever gift you choose, you’ll be putting smiles on the faces of farmers and their families across rural Africa.

    As one of our most popular gifts, a chicken costs just £8.

    This egg-cellent gift provides a struggling family with up to 200 eggs a year – a vital source of protein. Not only that, any surplus of eggs can be sold in the local community, increasing their income. A chicken’s droppings also make great compost which helps boost crop yields. Chickens are a particularly good option for orphans as they’re easy to manage and need little space. 

    And it’s not just chickens that can change lives.

    Why not gift garden gadgets to help a family transform they small plot of land into a flourishing garden. For hungry families, seeds such as tomatoes, aubergines and spinach can bring their gardens to life, ensuring they have enough to eat and that they can eat well, improving their health.


    For families like Bertha’s, their surplus of fruit and vegetables are evidence of how your gift can make a difference.

    After receiving seeds and training on how to make the most of their land, today Bertha’s whole family eats a nutritious diet and are enjoying a good life.

    There really is no better way to mark Spring than with a gift that keeps on growing. Each gift starts a chain of giving that continues to grow and grow! This could be in the form of sharing skills and knowledge, or passing seeds onto another family so that they can grow their own vegetables.

    This Easter, together we can make a difference.

    Buy life-changing gifts today.

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