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  • New Virtual Gifts

    For 2018, we bring you some old favourites as well as some great new gifts.

    By purchasing our new Radio gift (£35), you could provide a much-needed radio to a rural community. This can help people living in remote regions to feel less isolated, allowing them to keep up with current affairs and filling their lives with joyful music. They can also listen to Send a Cow training and advice which will be broadcast on the local stations, benefiting families across the local area.

    This innovative training method teaching subjects such as organic farming and business skills means we can reach further into communities. With radio broadcasts we can increase the number of people that we help and more African farmers can learn how to get the most out of their farms.

    For someone who loves to cook, you could choose a Cookery Class (£18)

    All the skills a family needs to get cooking! Throughout our projects we look to improve nutrition in the home through training in organic farming. Often, as farms develop, families begin to grow vegetables they may never have eaten, or cooked before. Your gift means we can run a cookery class for a group of farmers.

    A community health volunteer will demonstrate how to wash and prepare vegetables, and how to cook a balanced meal. Your gift will teach farmers how to get the best nutrients from each crop.

    This gift will also provide each family with a cookery book ensuring they are well on their way to creating nutritious meals each day. With a good meal in their tummies, children will be able to concentrate at school and have more energy to live a fuller life.

    By providing vital training, and improving nutrition in the home, we hope that families will not just survive, but thrive.

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