Excellent gifts to change a life this Easter

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Easter? Why not wish somebody special a happy Easter with one of Send a Cow’s great gifts? Your gift will be extra special because it will help transform the lives of some of Africa’s most vulnerable people.

More than just a symbol of Easter, chickens (and their eggs) really do make an incredible difference to the lives of struggling African farmers. They provide valuable sources of food and income - meaning our farmers can feed themselves and their families, and create a brighter future.

At just £8, chickens are our most popular gift – and for good reason! Chickens provide a great source of protein and vital nutrients – they can lay up to 200 times a year. They don’t need much space and are easy to look after; perfect for orphans like Kasiita and his siblings.

For Kasiita, the family’s chickens really are evidence of how far they’ve come. They have nutritious eggs to eat and can sell the surplus at market. The family have reinvested some of this money in their farm – they started off with two chickens, but now they have eight! This source of income is helping the siblings to ensure lasting change in their lives. Buy your chicken here.

Our Seeds and Tools gift is another egg-citing way to celebrate Easter. What better way to mark spring than with a growing gift?  Just like chickens, having the means to grow their own vegetable crops is a great way to improve a family’s diet, and fight poverty and hunger. Being able to grow and harvest their own vegetables helps provide a family with varied and nutritious food and helps them make the most of their land.

When you buy a Send a Cow gift, you’ll be ensuring that everybody has a cracking Easter! Your gift will provide African families with a chance at a brighter future. Together, we really can make a difference.

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