Happy New Year and Thank You!

We’d like to wish you all a happy New Year and a huge thank you from everybody here at Send a Cow. What a fantastic year 2017 was, and we really couldn’t have done it without you. We’re so grateful for your support and commitment.

In 2017, you helped our Mother & Child Appeal exceed its target – raising over £1.3 million. And with this being matched by the UK government, that’s £2.6 million to help struggling mothers and their children grow their way out of hunger, poverty and malnutrition.

This year also marks our 30th Anniversary – that’s thirty years of people like you giving a hand-up to hardworking farmers across Africa. Since we began, you’ve helped transform the lives of over 2 million people.

With the New Year in full swing, we want to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year. Here are some of the amazing things you’ve helped achieve and lives you’ve helped change:

  • Dativa, in Ruhinga in Rwanda, has proved how beneficial a cow has been to her livelihood. Her crop production has tripled since she started using cow manure to fertilise the land, and she has plenty of nutritious milk to drink. She has raised a generous income from selling surplus milk and vegetables at market and has built a new house for her family from the savings.


  • Anna Tembo, from Zambia, has built a stunning keyhole garden by her house, which is her pride and joy. It has been overflowing with tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, kale and spinach.
  • Faustine Niringiyimana and Francine Nyiraneza now have a solar lamp, a pit latrine and a tip tap. Their house is now lit at night, so they can work in the evenings and their children can do their school work. It also means that the family’s hygiene has increased greatly.
  • Akello Lilly Odoki and her husband now own 10 beehives from which they gather honey. They sell about 100 litres of honey in a year, and have been able to buy a television with the proceeds.

What a difference you’ve made!

And remember, you can order gifts from Send a Cow all year round. With Valentine’s Day and Easter round the corner there are plenty of opportunities to make a difference.

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