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  • Secret Santa Solved

    Do Secret Santa differently this year with a gift that changes lives.

    We've got the perfect alternative gift for any budget, and your gift won't end up in the charity shop by New Years Eve.

    For £5 you can give a cockerel to a family that has a hen. And that means chicks for a thriving farming to rear and sell.

    Or for £10 our virtual coffee gift comes with a FREE bag of Starbucks Christmas Blend beans. Your gift will help farmers improve the yield and quality of their coffee crops for a better income.

    When you buy a Send a Cow virtual gift you'll give farming families in Africa the tools, skills and livestock they need to work themselves out of poverty.

    You'll receive a gift pack including information and a festive greeting card for you to personalise. Or we can send the pack directly to the recipient on your behalf.

    For a guilt free Christmas party why not nominate Send a Cow as your office Secret Santa supplier?


  • Your donation doubled by the UK Government

    Being a mother is a tough job, especially when you live in one of the poorest regions in Africa.

    This autumn will you support mothers across east Africa so they can give their children the best start in life? In sub-Saharan Africa, one in three children are stunted as a result of poor nutrition.

    That’s why we've launched our biggest ever appeal. Together we will give mothers the skills and tools to grow their own food to feed their families.

    And the UK Government will match every pound raised in the appeal until 31 December 2017 – so your support will have double the impact!*

    Mercy Akinyi battles every day to feed her two young children. Like every mother, Mercy Akinyi wants the best for her children. Living in one of the poorest parts of Kenya, every day is a battle to feed her two young children.

    It’s a hard job, made even more difficult by the fact she cares for her disabled mother, as well as her children, alone.

    Your gifts will be doubled by the UK Government

    Buy a gift now and your donation will be doubled by the UK Government who are matching all donations to the Mother & Child appeal from 1 October - 31 December 2017.

    Together we can help mothers nourish their family so their children can flourish.



    *Only donations made by UK residents can be doubled.

  • Alternative Charity Gifts for an Ethical Christmas

    This Christmas why not make a change from the usual socks and chocolates with an ethical gift that delivers smiles all round.

    Send a Cow virtual gifts give help where it's most needed, providing tools, livestock and training for hardworking families in Africa, who just need a bit of a hand up.

    Favourite Gifts for 2017


    When you order your gift you'll receive a gift pack including a greetings card and information about your gift, for you to personalise and pass on. Or if you'd prefer we can send it directly to the recipient for you.

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