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  • Give a different gift this Father’s Day...

    Support fathers like Abebe in rural Africa

    Dads are truly amazing, and Abebe from Ethiopia, pictured above, is no exception.

    “Before I joined Send a Cow, I was a daily labourer working for better-off farmers in the community. I used to eat one meal a day”

    With a little bit of self-belief and determination, Abebe has not only turned his life around for the better but the lives of his children too.

    “Now I have a different story. I have planted vegetables such as garlic, carrot, beetroot, cabbage, and others, which I had never grown before joining the Send a Cow group. The changes include an improved diet and knowledge, my family eats three times a day, and the kids get dressed”

    The family have gone from barely getting by, to eating three meals a day and earning an income from their surplus of vegetables, enabling Abebe and his wife Degnesh, pictured below, to invest in their home and their children’s futures.

    When you give a Send a Cow gift on Sunday 16th June, you’ll be supporting more fathers like Abebe to lift their families out of poverty for good. An amazing gift to give to another dad.

    So why not give the special dad in your life a gift that will not only put a smile on his face but also on the faces of families like Abebe’s.

    From gadget-obsessed fathers to those who love gardening, we have gifts to suit everyone. Make a difference by choosing a gift that changes lives this Father’s Day…




  • Spring sale on selected gifts!

    Let us put the spring back in your step with 20% off selected gifts!

    And better yet, when you buy a Send a Cow gift, you are helping families in rural Africa grow themselves out of poverty, for good.

    From a reusable coffee cup to one of our beautifully illustrated tea towels or china mugs, with every purchase you’ll bring knowledge, confidence and skills to families in rural Africa, transforming their children's futures.

    Like every mother, Mutinta from Zambia (pictured below) wants the best for her children.

    Since joining Send a Cow, Mutinta has learned the skills needed to grow more food and earn an income from her surplus of oranges. She is now in a better position to provide her children with a future free from hunger and poverty – that’s the impact your gift could make to families like Mutinta’s across rural Africa.

    Whether you have an upcoming birthday or wedding or are simply looking to brighten up someone’s day, our gifts make great presents for friends and family, and for any occasion. Plus, we guarantee that each gift you choose really will make a long-lasting difference.

    Take a look for yourself...

  • Unique gift ideas that transform lives this Easter

    In the age-old debate of “What came first; the chicken or the egg?” for our farmers in rural Africa, it’s most certainly the chicken!

    And by giving a chicken or another life-changing gift this Easter, you’ll be helping to transform the lives of families in rural Africa for the better.

    If you’re looking to give a gift that makes a long-lasting difference this Easter, our gift shop is the perfect place to start. When you buy a gift from Send a Cow, you’re making a donation to help African farmers become self-reliant. From a chicken to vegetables seeds and garden gadgets, whatever gift you choose, you’ll be putting smiles on the faces of farmers and their families across rural Africa.

    As one of our most popular gifts, a chicken costs just £8.

    This egg-cellent gift provides a struggling family with up to 200 eggs a year – a vital source of protein. Not only that, any surplus of eggs can be sold in the local community, increasing their income. A chicken’s droppings also make great compost which helps boost crop yields. Chickens are a particularly good option for orphans as they’re easy to manage and need little space. 

    And it’s not just chickens that can change lives.

    Why not gift garden gadgets to help a family transform they small plot of land into a flourishing garden. For hungry families, seeds such as tomatoes, aubergines and spinach can bring their gardens to life, ensuring they have enough to eat and that they can eat well, improving their health.


    For families like Bertha’s, their surplus of fruit and vegetables are evidence of how your gift can make a difference.

    After receiving seeds and training on how to make the most of their land, today Bertha’s whole family eats a nutritious diet and are enjoying a good life.

    There really is no better way to mark Spring than with a gift that keeps on growing. Each gift starts a chain of giving that continues to grow and grow! This could be in the form of sharing skills and knowledge, or passing seeds onto another family so that they can grow their own vegetables.

    This Easter, together we can make a difference.

    Buy life-changing gifts today.

  • Coffee, cows and Christmas

    Everybody loves waking up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. But this Christmas, what if your morning cup of coffee could help change the lives of farmers in rural Africa?

    Thanks to Starbucks, you or a loved one could enjoy a warming cup of coffee this festive period knowing that your morning pick-me-up is making a difference. For the second year running, we’re delighted to offer you a fantastic little extra when you buy a coffee virtual gift – a free bag of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee beans! 

    Starbucks are funding Send a Cow’s Ikawa n’Inka (meaning Coffee & Cows in Kinyrwandan) project in Nyaruguru District, Rwanda. This 3-year project will provide farming families with the skills, tools and livestock they need to increase their food and coffee yields, and secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.

    For just £10, you could help farmers like Claire Umugwaneza increase their coffee production, improve their diet, and leave poverty behind for good.

    Claire’s mother died when she was just 11. She never knew her father so when she lost her mother she was living alone as an orphan. She fell behind in her education because she wasn’t able to attend school. Luckily, the government supported her and she was able to go to boarding school.

    When she finished school, she returned to live with her aunt and work on the farm, growing coffee and vegetables. But sweet potatoes and beans were the only foods that they could eat, and they only had enough for one meal a day.
    But then Claire joined a local Send a Cow group and received training in kitchen gardens and vegetable growing. She now grows more diverse crops more crops such as cabbages and sorghum and can eat regularly. She has passed on some of her learnings to her neighbour, who had a malnourished child, so they too can have a healthy diet.

    She now has 320 coffee trees and harvested nearly 500kg of beans last season. With her newfound knowledge and training from Send a Cow, Claire has big plans for her farm and wants to continue improving her crops:

    “I am looking forward to improving the coffee next year with mulching, by adding manure and better controlling pests. In the future, I want to use my acquired skills to sustain myself and increase production. I am interested in studying more.”

    This Christmas, treat a coffee-lover in your life to a gift that truly grows for families in rural Africa.

  • Alternative gifts for a sustainable Christmas

    Celebrate an alternative Christmas this year, with less waste and more cheer.

    Send a Cow has gifts for everyone, and they all come with an info card and greetings card for you to personalise.

    Your loved one will see how their gift is changing lives in Africa, giving families the skills, tools and livestock to grow an income from their land.

  • New Virtual Gifts

    For 2018, we bring you some old favourites as well as some great new gifts.

    By purchasing our new Radio gift (£35), you could provide a much-needed radio to a rural community. This can help people living in remote regions to feel less isolated, allowing them to keep up with current affairs and filling their lives with joyful music. They can also listen to Send a Cow training and advice which will be broadcast on the local stations, benefiting families across the local area.

    This innovative training method teaching subjects such as organic farming and business skills means we can reach further into communities. With radio broadcasts we can increase the number of people that we help and more African farmers can learn how to get the most out of their farms.

    For someone who loves to cook, you could choose a Cookery Class (£18)

    All the skills a family needs to get cooking! Throughout our projects we look to improve nutrition in the home through training in organic farming. Often, as farms develop, families begin to grow vegetables they may never have eaten, or cooked before. Your gift means we can run a cookery class for a group of farmers.

    A community health volunteer will demonstrate how to wash and prepare vegetables, and how to cook a balanced meal. Your gift will teach farmers how to get the best nutrients from each crop.

    This gift will also provide each family with a cookery book ensuring they are well on their way to creating nutritious meals each day. With a good meal in their tummies, children will be able to concentrate at school and have more energy to live a fuller life.

    By providing vital training, and improving nutrition in the home, we hope that families will not just survive, but thrive.

  • Charity Wedding Gifts

    Looking for the perfect wedding gift?

    Dedicate a Send a Cow gift to the happy couple. Every gift you buy comes with a beautiful card to write your personal message in.

    Or choose to go completely paper free and send a personalised ecard. Each gift you buy will give a farming family in Africa the chance to work themselves out of poverty.

    We think a chicken and cockerel makes the perfect pair for a special day, so now you can buy them as a pair!

    More wedding gift ideas...

    Your own gift list with a difference.

    When you've already got all the toasters you need but loved ones still want to celebrate your special day with a gift. Send a Cow gifts are a simple solution to make your wedding more sustainable.

    Ways to share.

    • Include a link to in you invitation and let your guests know which gifts you'd like.
    • Send your guest a special occasions catalogue, just call us on 01225 874 222 or email to request as many copies as you need.
    • Want your guests to donate to Send a Cow in your name? Set up a Just Giving  page in your name. You can invite your friends and loved ones can donate online and tell them a little bit about Send a Cow.
  • Excellent gifts to change a life this Easter

    Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Easter? Why not wish somebody special a happy Easter with one of Send a Cow’s great gifts? Your gift will be extra special because it will help transform the lives of some of Africa’s most vulnerable people.

    More than just a symbol of Easter, chickens (and their eggs) really do make an incredible difference to the lives of struggling African farmers. They provide valuable sources of food and income - meaning our farmers can feed themselves and their families, and create a brighter future.

    At just £8, chickens are our most popular gift – and for good reason! Chickens provide a great source of protein and vital nutrients – they can lay up to 200 times a year. They don’t need much space and are easy to look after; perfect for orphans like Kasiita and his siblings.

    For Kasiita, the family’s chickens really are evidence of how far they’ve come. They have nutritious eggs to eat and can sell the surplus at market. The family have reinvested some of this money in their farm – they started off with two chickens, but now they have eight! This source of income is helping the siblings to ensure lasting change in their lives. Buy your chicken here.

    Our Seeds and Tools gift is another egg-citing way to celebrate Easter. What better way to mark spring than with a growing gift?  Just like chickens, having the means to grow their own vegetable crops is a great way to improve a family’s diet, and fight poverty and hunger. Being able to grow and harvest their own vegetables helps provide a family with varied and nutritious food and helps them make the most of their land.

    When you buy a Send a Cow gift, you’ll be ensuring that everybody has a cracking Easter! Your gift will provide African families with a chance at a brighter future. Together, we really can make a difference.

  • Help Mothers in Rural Africa this Mother's Day

    This Mother’s Day, show your mothers your appreciation and help transform the lives of mothers in rural Africa with one of our great gifts!

    We’ve got a fantastic selection of Send a Cow gifts to choose from and better yet, they’re all gifts that do good. You can give struggling African mothers the chance to provide for their families and create lasting, positive change in their lives.

    For as little as £9, our Feed a Child gift can help mothers give their children the healthy and nutritious meals they need to ensure proper development. And with an adequate and balanced diet to grow and learn, children can concentrate properly in school. Or for just £17 you could help ten families cultivate their own vegetable gardens- feeding entire families with our veg box gift.

    A gift that gives on Mother’s Day is just the first step for many families in transforming their lives. With Send a Cow, your Mother’s Day gifts this year could be life-changing for people like Matseki.

    "Send a Cow opened my eyes and I realised that I can make a living from agriculture."

    Matseki lives in Lesotho and helps bring up her five grandchildren. With training and support from Send a Cow she’s been able to give her grandchildren a better start in life and ensure a brighter future for her entire family.

    "Before Send a Cow, I was just a poor widow with no dreams and no ambition. Now I’ve got the confidence to look into the future."

    From her small plot of land, Matseki now harvests a variety of her own vegetables including carrots and spinach. The family’s eating patterns have improved, and they eat a healthy and nutritious meal twice a day. Matseki sells any surplus vegetables at market for extra income.

    Matseki works hard to make sure that her grandchildren can stay in school, “education is indispensable,” she says. The income she makes from selling her produce means she can buy them uniforms and shoes for school. Matseki’s biggest dream is to build herself a proper house. And thanks to Send a Cow supporters, her grandchildren can have ambitions now too - the two eldest hope to be a soldier and a nurse!

    Giving a Send a Cow gift this Mother’s Day can help make stories like Matseki’s a reality for so many more people.

  • Happy New Year and Thank You!

    We’d like to wish you all a happy New Year and a huge thank you from everybody here at Send a Cow. What a fantastic year 2017 was, and we really couldn’t have done it without you. We’re so grateful for your support and commitment.

    In 2017, you helped our Mother & Child Appeal exceed its target – raising over £1.3 million. And with this being matched by the UK government, that’s £2.6 million to help struggling mothers and their children grow their way out of hunger, poverty and malnutrition.

    This year also marks our 30th Anniversary – that’s thirty years of people like you giving a hand-up to hardworking farmers across Africa. Since we began, you’ve helped transform the lives of over 2 million people.

    With the New Year in full swing, we want to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year. Here are some of the amazing things you’ve helped achieve and lives you’ve helped change:

    • Dativa, in Ruhinga in Rwanda, has proved how beneficial a cow has been to her livelihood. Her crop production has tripled since she started using cow manure to fertilise the land, and she has plenty of nutritious milk to drink. She has raised a generous income from selling surplus milk and vegetables at market and has built a new house for her family from the savings.


    • Anna Tembo, from Zambia, has built a stunning keyhole garden by her house, which is her pride and joy. It has been overflowing with tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, kale and spinach.
    • Faustine Niringiyimana and Francine Nyiraneza now have a solar lamp, a pit latrine and a tip tap. Their house is now lit at night, so they can work in the evenings and their children can do their school work. It also means that the family’s hygiene has increased greatly.
    • Akello Lilly Odoki and her husband now own 10 beehives from which they gather honey. They sell about 100 litres of honey in a year, and have been able to buy a television with the proceeds.

    What a difference you’ve made!

    And remember, you can order gifts from Send a Cow all year round. With Valentine’s Day and Easter round the corner there are plenty of opportunities to make a difference.

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